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The real scoop on tape-ins is that they are not for everyone. In fact, they are ideal for a small number of us natural girls. If you are used to wearing your natural hair straightened and maintaining it, then tape-ins could be your next install. 

The key is to texture match. We have kinky straight, straight, wavy, and curly textures available. Kinky straight silks out just like a natural's silk press. It's to die for, really.

Tape-ins are a luxury service and can range $275-$1,000 including the install, hair, and custom color if desired. Tape-in hair is reusable. The initial install lasts anywhere from 6-10 weeks, varying upon each client. The maintenance appointments should be scheduled and pre-booked before you leave your stylist's chair. I book my clients every 2 weeks until their 10 week mark for their follow up wash and style appointments. 

How will you know tape-ins will work for you?


  • Are you familiar with wearing your natural hair out?
  • Are you committed to pin curling/wrapping your hair every night?
  • Are you committed to scheduling and arriving to your 2-3 week maintenance appointments?
  • Tape ins are not a protective style, all of your natural hair is out. Tape ins only add length and volume to what you already have. Can you handle that?
  • Tape ins last up to 10 weeks. 
  • Install is $275. Includes shampoo, install, and style. Hair starts at $180 and increases based on desired length and texture.
  • Tape in hair can be reused and can get wet. It's recommended to not get the tapes at the root wet as this CAN cause slippage.
  • Tape ins DO NOT cause damage when installed and removed correctly.

If so, book a consultation with me using the "Book with Ciera Rose" option. 


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