Build A Custom Wig
Build A Custom Wig
Build A Custom Wig
With Poize

Build A Custom Wig

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Build a custom wig your way!

1. Purchase this service.

2. The wig is made within 10 business days. The estimated shipping time of 2-5 business days depends on the speed of the post office. If local, your order can also be picked up once you are notified that your unit is ready. 

3. We will provide a tracking number once hair has been shipped via USPS if you decide to have your wig unit shipped.

For additional security, check out our "Wig Gripz" to prevent any slipping and our detangler brush for wash day or for curly units! We also offer the "Matrix long lengths trio" with shampoo, conditoner, and a leave in. 

***Custom wigs come with:

Knots Bleached

Minimal Hairline Plucking

Parting (if desired)

Shampooed & Conditioned


Elastic Band/combs



Satin Silk Storage Bag