How often should I wash my wig? How do I take care of it?

We recommend you cleanse the hair with quality products to keep the hair silky, soft, and manageable. Once you feel your extensions are greasy/oily from hair products, it's time to rejuvenate. Avoid using tea tree and mint shampoos as they can cause your extensions to matte when shampooing. Try to use products designed to detangle, moisturize, smooth, and protect against split ends. Check out Tresemme color protect and leaf flower shampoo and conditioner! Apply the leave in while the hair is wet for best results!

***Rinsing the hair until there are no suds left is key to weightless, flowy hair. ***

Let hair air dry or put under an over head dryer. An abundance of heat can lead to drying out your extensions and frizz.

For Straight & Wavy Hair: use a lightweight serum and style in small sections going down the strands slowly using the chase method with a fine tooth comb.

For Curly hair: work hair in large sections. Saturate the hair with water and mixed chicks conditioner in a spray bottle. Then, apply composition moose with Design Essentials. Distribute evenly using your hands and our "EZ Detangling Brush" starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots for the best and long lasting results. Let dry without touching it to due away with frizz. 

What makes a wig glueless?

The most important factor is the correct sizing. Wigs are not one size fit all. Some of us have wider, longer, larger or smaller skull sizes, so measurements are very important! We have diagrams on our home page and all over our website. For best results, use a soft measuring tape and measure your head with a braided foundation. We also like to add in an elastic band for extra security, though it is not always needed.

Best forms of communication?

The preferred forms of communication via email at info@shopwithpoize.com. Expect a response time within 24 hours.

Why was my order cancelled?

The reasons for your order being cancelled could be due to the shipping and billing address being different or several days have passed and your hair has not received for the bring your bundles service.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

Due to the nature of this business, there will be no refunds or exchanges rendered, unless we ship out the incorrect products. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. See our Returns Policy for more details. 

What are your processing and shipping periods?

For "ready to wear" wigs, these are the wig units that are ready for pickup or to be shipped. They are usually shipped the following business day and/or ready for pickup the same day.

If you decide to have your order shipped, shipping is 2-5 business days depending on the post office's load. For "pre-made" wigs, the processing period is 5-10 business days in additional to a shipping period of 2-5 business days if shipping is selected at checkout.

Can I expedite my order?

This option is available occasionally. Feel free to pick faster shipping if available at checkout.