About Us

Founder, Ciera Canady, also known as Ciera Rose, started With Poize after birthing her son and attempting to juggle new motherhood and her businesses during COVID. To have Poise means to have a cool and calm confidence which describes the trying time in the founder's life when this business was born. Having poise is what got us here today. No matter the circumstances, always push for your dream. It may just turn out better than you thought, even during a pandemic!
Today, we have made profit every month for the last two years, we have shipped nationwide, thrived during the 2020-2022 COVID pandemic, and plan to expand with a storefront in the near future! Our mission is to grant our clients the luxury of less time on hair, more time on goals & family with our ready to wear glueless wigs. No adhesives, moose, tape are needed for our wigs. We style them, so all you have to do is throw it on, tweak it to your liking if need be, and start your eventful day!
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- Ciera xoxo