Pre-Treat Clarifying Spray
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Pre-Treat Clarifying Spray

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Clarifying Pre-Treat Spray

 The hard water from your shower, pool, the lake has mineral and metal deposits -- even smoking odors. These small particles have a way of sneaking under the hair's cuticle, causing discoloration and dullness.

PreTreat clarifying spray breaks down and washes away all that buildup. 

HOW TO USE: Prior to normal washing, apply PreTreat generously throughout the hair, focusing on the mid-shafts and ends (the parts of your hair that have been exposed to environmental factors for the longest).

Let PreTreat sit for 5-10 minutes. PreTreat will loosen mineral and metal deposits along with any other buildup. Finish by washing with your favorite Jack Winn Care shampoo. Used 2-3 times per week, PreTreat will help wash away unwanted buildup with ease. If you're in an area with hard water or have a considerable amount of buildup, oversaturate affected areas with PreTreat and comb through to loosen before washing.

Color safe