Hair Do's & Don'ts

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- Use our matrix long lengths trio package for shampoo, conditioner, and leave in treatment as needed.

- cleanse & condition hair using cold water

- apply leave in hair conditioner while hair is wet.

- Use Minimal product to avoid a heavy, greasy residue.

- Take wig unit off every night to further longevity.

- always allow your hair to air dry using cool air or a fan for the best results

- if you wear wigs everyday, alternate between 2 wigs to further longevity of both wig units.

- consult with a professional for proper cleansing and color operations on your wig investment.



- No oil sheen and/or heavy oils as they will weigh the hair down leaving a greasy residue

- Blow dry on high heat

- Don't use sulfate shampoos - this will dry the extensions out 

Don't scrub the lace while shampooing.  Use our detangler brushes to detangle.

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